Live Othello TV Schedule 30/10

  W.O.C. 2017 Live TV - English
Time Program
21:00 Studio Othello - Welcome to W.O.C. 2017
CET The day before the WOC 2017 starts, we send one hour live from the W.O.C. 2017 reception. 
The pairings of round 1 have just been done. We will interview some players and hear what they think about their pairings, and how their expectations of the tourney.
We will present our game commentators Jeroen Everts, Sweden, Emmanuel Caspard, France, Kunihiko Tanida, Japan, and the Live Othello TV host, Guy Plowman, Great Britain. They will discuss their expectations and try to predict who will play in semifinals and finals. 
Host is Benkt Steentoft


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