Benkt Steentoft - Head Tournament Director
Tom Schotte - Tournament Director
Tor Birger Skogen - W.O.F. Director
Emmanuel Lazard - Technical Director
Akke-lien de Boer - Belgium Othello, Reception


Emmanuel Lazard
Stéphan Nicolet**
Henry Aspenryd**



Tom Schotte *
Tor Birger Skogen*
Hiroyoshi Kudo
Tadataka Maehata


Tom Schotte *
Jan C. de Graaf
Serge Benoit
Stegan Murawski
Thierry Levy-Abegnoli
Marcel Peperkamp
Alexander Cordy
Arvid Kjellberg   

Tournament room crews & Info crews

Tom Schotte *
Jan Rybarik
Chiara Gigliucci
Mieke Hoeghe
Mireille Blijleven
Julia Rose
Sophie Tastet
Arvid Kjellberg

Belgium Othello association team

Nick Reunes
Frauke Van den Moortel

head referee GROUP

Emmanuel Lazard
Tor Birger Skogen
Hiroyoshi Kudo
Henry Aspenryd
Tor Birger Skogen
Benkt Steentoft - Head T.D. Referee
To send an complain about a incident in a game; see the WOC Tournament rules, chapter V: Enforcement of the rules.
The complain must be given to the Tournamnet Director latest 10 minutes after the game have ended.

W.O.C. 2017 MEDIA group

Benkt Steentoft Media & Studio Othello W.O.F. Media    
Guy Plowman  Host Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Jeroen Everts Game commentator W.O.F. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Emmanuel Caspard Game commentator W.O.F. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Kunihiko Tanida Game commentator W.O.F. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Gohan M.C. J.O.A. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Nobuaki Mitsuya Game commentator J.O.A. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Keita ┼îmori Game commentator J.O.A. Live Othello TV W.O.F. Media    
Linnea Widman Assistant Media W.O.F. Media    
Mi Steentoft Assistant Social Media W.O.F. Media    
Sari Inoue Assistent Media W.O.F. Media    
Trees van Seggelen** Studio Othello support W.O.F. Media    
Andreas Milionis Producent Filothea    
Yuta Komai Team Japan  DeNA    
Sido Helmes Graphics W.O.F. Media    
Pål T. Olsen Hammervik Prints & Graphics Trykkeriet    
Robbert Jongkind Webb sites JK Webbdesign    
Marie Kimura Commercials and Licens MegaHouse    


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